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The combination of modules depends on your prior qualifications, but usually includes biological and chemical sciences, mathematics and optional modules such as psychology and languages. Teaching during Years 1 and 2 are delivered in partnership with the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University, whilst clinical placement teaching takes place in hospitals and General Practices across the whole of Wales. The remainder of Year 1 is based on a series of clinical scenarios linking the basic sciences to common clinical conditions, such as musculoskeletal injuries, heart disease, diabetes and gastrointestinal problems. If you’re studying BSc Biomedical Sciences at St George’s, you can apply in your second year to transfer to Medicine – but you won’t actually transfer until you’ve finished the degree. Communication skills are taught by using actors who are trained to behave as patients. Achieved A-level grades and honours degrees give you additional points. You will receive both oral and written feedback on your performance in oral presentations and in the clinical environment on clinical skills and professionalism. You should discuss academic progress with your academic mentor at least once a year. While you can transfer from Medical Sciences to first year Medicine, the University of Edinburgh stresses that it’s highly, highly competitive – only three students have transferred in the last eight years, so it’s not a recommended route. We’re based in one of the UK’s most affordable cities. Read more about the clinical course on the School of Clinical Medicine website. Regular meetings will be scheduled to discuss your progress. If it is elsewhere, you can choose to arrange a senior student assistantship at that hospital yourself, or have us organise your senior student assistantship for you in Wales. In your MBBCh years you will have a named personal tutor for help and support with academic needs. Some universities don’t offer internal transfers but do provide other pathways to study Medicine as a graduate. 7 institutions in Wales offering Medicine degrees and courses. You will learn about common medical conditions from real patients, as well as their doctors, in authentic and impressively equipped facilities. 2. Access to Higher Education. In your preliminary year you are supported by the School of Biosciences. Written feedback will be provided on written reports and projects. The Medical School is committed to widening access to the Medicine course. Cardiff University has a number of places reserved for students completing a three-year course from a recognised feeder stream. These include: You must be proficient in all of the practical skills listed in ‘Outcomes for graduates' to be able to graduate. The Access to Higher Education Diploma is a qualification which prepares people without traditional qualifications for study at university. The programme emphasises the importance of learning science in the clinical context, and the central place of the patient in a doctor’s work. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to serve tailored advertising. However, they stress that this is highly competitive and there are only five places available each year. These modules will ensure that you can join Year 1 on an equal footing with other medical students. an innovative spiral curriculum based on evidence gathered from across the world; teaching from internationally-renowned researchers and clinicians; having the  whole of Wales as your classroom, meaning you get a breadth of clinical experience from small, rural GP practices and small cottage hospitals to fast-paced city A&E departments and complex surgical specialties; a smooth transfer into the first year of your career as a doctor. “All Wales placements? They also focus on exploring the personal qualities and attributes that are important to your future career development. Newcastle University’s Medicine transfer scheme is open to students studying: This transfer scheme is highly competitive – they offer up to eight places and you’ll need to fulfil the same criteria as the other applicants to Medicine. The importance of seeing a patient in his/her community is again emphasised and you will be based in a different hub from Year 1. The programme initially focuses on preparing you for learning in higher education and building a platform for integrated clinical sciences. You will study in a university environment alongside students who will progress to degrees in various science disciplines. These include the following: As a result of engaging fully with this course, you be able to demonstrate all of the outcomes for medical graduates as defined by the GMC in ‘Outcomes for graduates'. Clinical placement learning will be complemented with time in Cardiff, where you will revisit core scientific principles and build upon these, but with an increased emphasis on the patho-physiology, diagnostic methods, management and treatment of common diseases. Every year, there are ten places available on the A101 medicine programme at Cardiff University for suitably qualified graduates of this course and our graduates are also able to progress to graduate entry medicine at other universities. UKCISA have provided information about Brexit and tuition fees. If you have a relevant criminal conviction, this will be stated in the check and may affect your ability to enrol on the course. miles Diploma/Subject. In Phase 2 (Years 3 and 4) you learn to care through integrated clinical experience. Clinical placement teaching takes place at hospitals, community medical centres and over 200 general practices across Wales. Do you need help planning your pathway to Medicine? - Dr. Mike Atkinson, Cardiff Graduate. You learn to apply your knowledge in the clinical environment, both in hospital and community settings. Enrolment conditions Your introduction runs for the first 12 weeks, covering the basics of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, cell and molecular biology, immunology, microbiology and pathology. Chronic Disease 2 - Geriatrics, Musculoskeletal Disease and Dermatology. With full engagement in the course, you will be able to apply knowledge and skills in a competent and ethical manner, and use your ability to provide leadership and to analyse complex and uncertain situations.

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